Desperado and Tophat

Desperado is a character seen in the last issue of Darksheer and Stiletto.

Not much is known about the cigar-smoking, guff-spouting gunslinger. He most likely speaks in a western American brogue since he clearly favors the terms and phrasing of the Old West.

He wears a tan leather duster and bandoliers across his chest over a gunbelt with a yellow skull-shaped buckle, his weapon of choice a pair of revolvers (possibly loaded with armor-piercing rounds for going up against Darksheer's body armor). Unlike the popular cowboy image, he wears his blonde hair long and tied back in a ponytail.


Peter Grey reads the final issue where, having received an invitation to face Darksheer at the Thrillsville amusement park, Desperado runs into Tophat and Widowmark outside the gates. Discussing their common enemy recently having taken a harder stance against their ilk, the three supervillains soon agree to team up against the vigilante and enter.

He and Tophat soon become witnesses to Darksheer grabbing and disappearing with Widowmark. Soon after he chances upon them, calling Darksheer out to let her go for the sake of a one-on-one duel. This gives Widowmark an opening and she breaks free, delivering a knee to the groin that almost throws Darksheer off.

Firing, Desperado catches Darksheer in the arm but is himself thrown into the darkness from the vigilante's Liquidark grenade going off near him. Firing blind in all directions, his balance is thrown completely off by Darksheer delivering a savage kick from behind, sending him tumbling forward onto a sharp piece of broken wood. His impaled body is soon after found by Stiletto, Darksheer's partner, arriving on the scene.