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The Drealmer

The Drealmer aka Billy X Dawson is a child-like telepath in Noctropolis voiced by Owen Richardson and Stewart Mitchell.


Billy Dawson was a small and sickly child haunted by night terrors even while awake. In time no school would accept him and his parents not coping well with his constant fears deemed the state asylum to be the only place for him to get help. Much of his treatment could be termed experimental, but cruel would be a better word. One doctor diagnosed him with projective ESP; another theorized that sensory deprivation would cure his "malady" but after months of being kept locked in a small pitch-black room, Billy was far from "cured" - in fact, he had turned psychotic.

He was released soon after the doctor who confined him had been found dead in his bed of unknown causes. As the Drealmer, he had learned to control the dreams of others - dreams in which he could injure, even kill, which makes him among other things an unusually effective extortionist.

He played a vital part in the vigilante Stiletto's origins.

Drealmer 02

The Drealmer in the game

Abilities and limitationsEdit

The Drealmer has the psionic ability to merge his dreams together with that of other people all under his direct control. If his victims are injured in these dreams their bodies develop similar traumas in reality. Although the Drealmer's telepathic connection can traverse considerable distance, its exact range and how he establishes it remains unknown.

It also remains unknown if his telepathy allows receiving or transmitting regular thoughts or planting suggestions or commands. It does grant him some control over others' motor functions as he can immobilize a person even while they are awake and is at one point seen leading a group of sleepwalking children away. He may need to be within a certain range or establish visual contact to do these things.