Father Desmond founding the Wards

Father Desmond
is a character in Noctropolis portrayed by actor David Jean Thomas.


The Catholic priest known throughout all of Noctropolis as Father Desmond is a very busy man. Not only is he the sole caretaker of St. Luciens but the head representative of the Church in the faithless City of Night. Aside from his congregation, Desmond is the founder and spiritual leader of the Wards as well as a mentor and council to Darksheer and Stiletto. And on top of all that, he has the leading word on biblical matters as well as those concerning exorcism.

He was present when Sister Mercer was possessed by a demon and became his most hateful enemy the Succubus.

Fatherdesmond 02

Father Desmond in the game


He seems to have developed a dark sense of humour over the years. And more recently a habit of carrying a firearm although he was imprisoned in his church waiting to be killed at the time.


Father Desmond is first seen in the pages of the last issue of Darksheer and Stiletto in his Cathedral as he and Stiletto discuss the surprising news of Darksheer's retirement. Desmond consoles her saying he is certain that Darksheer will return her affections and stay.

Soon after Darksheer's retirement the city is besieged by escaped supervillains. Refusing to allow the Wards to take an offensive stance, he ventures to the abscent Stiletto's apartment hoping she will still fight on, only to find her drunk and heartbroken. He can only pray to God to send Darksheer back to Noctropolis.

By the time Peter Grey arrives in Noctropolis, the Succubus has isolated father Desmond in the Cathedral by means of a magically animated stone gargoyle set to guard him. He is surprised by Peter in the confessional booth, on the verge of shooting him on the spot. As he calms down, he is impressed by Grey defeating the gargoyle and provides him a clue about the Succubus in the form of a bone used in the ritual as well as Stiletto's home address.

Hours later, as he is lighting candles for mass, a feverish Peter Grey returns, warning him of a bomb planted somewhere in the Cathedral by the Succubus. They begin searching the chapel but as Peter finds and disarms the bomb, the villain appears from her hiding place. As Desmond trains his gun on the creature it dares him to pull the trigger and he falters. As the Succubus draws near to kill him, Stiletto intervenes to defend him. Desmond can only look on as they fight, the inhumanly strong Succubus beginning to get the upper hand, until Peter sneaks up dowsing the villain with holy water from a chalice which disrupts the possession. Desmond confirms that the exorcised nun is alive then, as Peter faints, informs Stiletto that Peter is succumbing to the Succubus' poisonous bite. Desmond tends to Sister Mercer as Stiletto leaves with the unconscious Peter.