Noctropolis is a DOS computer third-person point-and-click adventure game by Flashpoint Productions, Inc. published by Electronic Arts in 1994. In the game, the player assumes the role of the character Peter Grey, a lonely bookstore owner who winds up in the world of his favorite comic book.

The characters in the game's cut scenes were digitized from analog footage, allowing for real life actors to be placed in 2D digital environments.

The Cast and CrewEdit

Directed by Shaun Mitchell

Writing credits Brent Erickson, Shaun Mitchell

'Producer Roland Kippenhan

'Cinematography Larry Johnson

'Production Design Shaun Mitchell

'Costume Design Maurizio Bizzarri

'Fight Choreographer James Lew

  • Michael Berger ... Peter Grey / Darksheer
  • Hope Marie Carlton ... Stiletto
  • Django Craig ... Boy Ward (as D'Jango Craig)
  • Cory Dangerfield ... Newstand owner
  • Hans De Haas ... Guard at Sunspire
  • Alison Egan ... Wanda Sparks
  • Kaorie Ferguson ... Ms. Shoto
  • Brittney Lewis ... The Succubus / Sister Mercer
  • Thomas Milan ... Jim Drake
  • Shaun Mitchell ... Elemental / Security Guard Barney Fife
  • Stewart Mitchell ... Hall of records assistant / Drealmer 2# / Coffin mover 2#
  • Jeff Olson ... Leon
  • Nathan Oventhal ... Greenthumb
  • Brett Palmer ... Sam Jenkins
  • Gene Ray ... Butcher
  • Owen Richardson ... Flux / Drealmer 1# / Coffin mover 1#
  • Andrew Ritzinger ... Lumisheer
  • Oscar Rowland ... Old Man
  • Anthony Russell ... Dr. William Blish / Master Macabre
  • Sarah Schaub ... Courier
  • Oscar Sierra ... Gang member 1
  • Julie Simper ... Julia Bornick
  • Brandy Snow ... Tophat
  • David Jean Thomas ... Father Desmond
  • Arsenio 'Sonny' Trinidad ... Whisperman (as Arsenio Trinidad)
  • Jessica Youngblood ... Evelyn

The Clue BookEdit

Writers Melissa Mead, Chris McCubbin

Editor David Ladyman

Playtesters Jeremy Mappus, Kevin Kushner, Jennifer Mason, Michael Songy, Ed Ball

Cover Design Jennifer Davis

Art Shaun Mitchell, Owen Richardson, Dave Butters, Keith Sargent

Picture Labels Melissa Mead

Layout Design Island

Original Game Design Brent Erickson and Shaun Mitchell, Designers Roland Kippenhan III, Producer Jeff Lee, Associate Producer Jeff Glazier, Assistant Producer

The MusicEdit

  • Darksheer Theme
  • The Stroke of Midnight
  • Nex
  • Cimmerian Origins
  • Carnivoria
  • Succulust
  • Desmond's Lament
  • Stiletto's Soul
  • Victims
  • Darksheer Theme (reprise)

The original score of Noctropolis was composed and performed by Ron Saltmarsh, vice president of Flashpoint Productions.

The music can be found here in mp3-format, courtesy of Ron Saltmarsh's own production company Harvest Records.


  • Ron Saltmarsh also worked on Amazon, Blood & Magic and the award-winning Martian Memorandum as well as several SEGA games. For more information on his extensive work, see his homepage.