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The Succubus

The Succubus is a a demonic seductress in Noctropolis portrayed by actress Brittney Lewis.


One night a crazed man staggered into the Noctropolis General Hospital emergency ward, begging the attending nurse Sister Mercer for help, claiming to be possessed by a demon forcing him to perform horrifying sexual crimes. Sedating and restraining the man, the nun summoned Father Desmond but as the clergyman attempted to perform an exorcism the man started going into horrible spasms.

Snapping his restraints, he seized Sister Mercer by the throat. Screaming in unison in identical voices before falling silent, one of the two laughed a deep, throaty laugh then fled the ER, crashing out of the glass door, her habit later found in shreds in the gutter. She has since appeared dressed in lingerie and high heels luring her mesmerized victims in only to sacrifice them in bloody rites. Her true pleasure though is pursuing and destroying Father Desmond, whom she hates and fears for his power of exorcism.

This figure, soon feared as 'the Succubus', is one of Darksheer's and Stiletto's most difficult foes as it not only possesses demonic powers but also Sister Mercer's body and soul.

Succubus 02

The Succubus in the game

Abilities and weaknessesEdit

Despite her extremely pale appearance, the Succubus has at least the nearly inhuman strength and endurance of a raging insane or drug-addled person. Her eyes can turn completely red and her teeth can elongate into venomous fangs.

She is able to cast a spell of seduction over people although the extent of this power remains unknown. She can hurl fireballs which gives her power over inanimate objects. She also has the power to animate objects through arcane rituals, such as bringing a stone gargoyle to life to do her bidding although it remains unknown if the gargoyle was already special in some way.

The Succubus displays a weakness to sacred items, such as holy water. It appears the demon can exist on consecrated ground only while within a human host.


  • The Succubus is often referred to as a vampire in reviews and while she does sink her fangs into one character's neck she is never stated to drink or require blood.
  • Brittney Lewis and Hope Marie Carlton (Stiletto) both played in Stephen King's The Stand released in the same year as Noctropolis.