is a character seen in the last issue of Darksheer and Stiletto.

She is a cannibalistic serial killer only keeping the heads of her victims as trophies. Her modus operandi is hinted to include aspects of a carnal nature, as she is narratively identified as a nymphomaniac and depicted wearing a revealing costume, consisting of a dark sangria (or burgundy) bikini reminiscent of bondage gear with thigh high boots and fingerless sleeve gloves.

Her weapon of choice are small poisoned darts which appear to be fired by unknown means from her gloves as they are able to pierce Shadeskin body armor, the poison most likely a form of spider's venom where one dart only paralyzes while several kill.


Peter Grey reads the final issue where Widowmark runs into fellow villains Tophat and Desperado at the entrance of Thrillsville amusement park and discuss the common enemy who apparently invited all of them there, Darksheer, recently having taken a harder stance against ther ilk. As the three soon agree to team up against the crimefighter, she adds that no matter who brings him down she claims the body.

As Darksheer reveals his presence she is the first to attack, only to be wrapped in his cloak and both of them disappear from sight. As the crimefighter tries to take her down without harming her, Desperado chances upon them and calls Darksheer out, giving Widowmark enough of an opening to break free and escape after delivering a knee to the groin.

While Darksheer faces off with Desperado, she climbs a nearby roller coaster structure only to reach the top surprised to find Darksheer mysteriously having beaten her there. She boards an approaching roller coaster car and, as Darksheer evades it, she hits him in the chest with her venomous darts. She attempts to outrun the vigilante but fails to his inhuman speed. Once again, the two grapple but after she sinks her teeth into his arm he has had enough and unceremoniously throws her off, sending her plummeting to her death. The gruesome remains are soon discovered by Darksheer's partner, Stiletto.


  • One panel of the character's face is shaped like an hour glass like the symbol on the black widow spider.
  • The character is pictured with her dark hair braided over head tied back into a large curly mess, possibly to somewhat evoke a spider's segmented body and/or web as popularised in Marvel Comics' (Peter Parker) Spider-Man.